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Every child has the right to excel in Math's and enjoy a career that is correctly aligned to his or her talents and passion.

"This is the gift that good Math's marks provide"

Greg Shapiro - Founder


We are a company dedicated to the overall development of our youth with a key focus on mathematics and life skills

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FACT ...

" Lack of competency in our five basic mathematical skills, is the reason most high school students battle to cope with Mathematics"
- Founder of K2U


Greg  Shapiro has, over the past 40 years developed a teaching program that effectively empowers students to achieve a distinction in mathematics and thereby build a foundation for a successful life.

We have unique methods of teaching that have yielded results that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the majority  of students if given the right foundation and teaching, can achieve outstanding results in mathematics

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Math Distinction Training

"Mr.Shapiro teaches in order to develop understanding of the subject.This has not only equipped me with the ability to do well in math's but also enabled me to grasp the subject more deeply. Mrs.Shapiro is always available to talk to and provides us with support and a safe place to talk. K2U has helped me with much more than just math's."

Laura Lukele- Grade 11(2018)


"Thank you so much K2U about helping Laura with Maths, there was a HUGE improvement this term, from fifties to nineties, that is GREAT ! Keep your good work up !!"

Lorraine Lukele-Laura Lukele's Mom


1st Year Varsity Student made for Math's

Many of my student friends who achieved 80% last year at school, didn't even pass our first few math's test this year, and I,haven't failed one yet.  I always tell everyone it's just the method of learning that Greg  has instilled in me, so I have a lot thank K2U for.

Kelda Perumal- 1st Year Varsity (2017)


Improved by 36% in one term!

Anriké was able to improve this much by first learning her tables properly and then with her new level of confidence and belief started to work on the other aspects of her Math's curriculum. Her excitement for her new found skill is very evident in her behavior.

Anriké- Grade 5 (2017)


Improved from 35% to 68%

Nzuzo learnt his entire multiplication tables in a matter of weeks and made this percentage improvement in one term. He has since mastered he 3 other critical fundamental skills normally missing in most of the grade 7's math's foundation.

Nzuzo Mhlunga- Grade7(2017)


K2U Kids

"If a picture paints a thousand words, then let a picture inspire a thousand words."
- Nicholas Boyd Crutchley

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An 80% Average

Thanks to the good grounding and teaching from Greg, my son Alex achieved an 80% average last year. He is now studying Technical Financial Accounting.  Doing K2U's Math's program was the beet investment ever and I highly recommend it to everybody who wants to master good results in Mathematics.

George Nieuwoudt

"The K2U Program is worth every cent and has proven itself over and over again to be of great value to those students who want achieve in Math's, especially those who do not have a strong foundation in the subject,"

Mr Soobramoney- HOD Sarel Cilliers

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Academic excellence in mathematics and life.
"We strive to serve the academic spirit of each child."
-Greg Shapiro

We provide a holistic approach to the academic develpment of our students
We use mathamatics and life principle training as the vehicle to install the disipline ,beliefs and to sucseed life
In this way we serve the two fundamental needs of today's students:
develop their belief in their potential and their desire to achieve it.


" I think the K2U program is a great start to better the education system(which is my passion).To better the youth and it is truly a great way to initiate inner success as well as the future. The program is a warm place to be and it has great energy.



From the start until the end of the introductory workshop we had on Saturday I felt like this is what I have been waiting for. I have a good feeling about what Ii had picked up from our first encounter and I strongly believe that there's more I can do and this is the time and the platform to showcase my skills and invent new ones. There's this teacher in my former who always told me that I am smart but the problem is that I didn't know it yet I took that as a challenge and it has been my push factor to do better at all times.I know I haven't reached my plateau. I do feel like K2U will actually show me what exactly that teacher meant.It's time to find out my true purpose in life

Oscar Gwala


It was a great experience,had a good time interacting with new people and also hearing  all the wonderful things people would want to achieve moving forward.

Nosipho Nkosi


Introduction session was well organised nd very punctual.Great presentation. It was very informative and motivating to work with an amazing team.

Anele Cele


Tutor Learnership Program

16 June 2018. Glencoe Primary School


16 June 2018

K2U kicked off their Grade 12 Tutor Learnership Program.  36 Grade 12’s from Dundee High, Sarel Cilliers, Etangeni, ML S ltan Dundee Secondary , Ferrum High,  Lincoln High   Harvest High, Ladysmith High  Vryheid  High,  Vryheid Landbou  and St Dominics .  Greg and Caryl Shapiro  and their team, with  Bishop Thulani Xaba  and Principals Mr Britz Maree , Mr Rudi Haschke and Mrs K. C. Shabangu, set the stage for the training program.  Each potential tutor will be trained in  tutoring  grade 8  students in the fundamental  principles of mathematics. Greg Shapiro said that he believes:  “this intervention will have a significant impact on the end Maths results for our future matrics”. 

4 Pensymons St
Dundee, 3000
South Africa

Tel: 074 544 0728

Fax: 086 519 1816

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